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Learn what hit songwriters like Max Martin do in order to consistently create hit songs.

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What’s Inside the Checklist?

Key Metrics Your Song Needs To Be A Hit

Learn the key song measurables you need in order to write a hit.

Expert Secrets For How To Make A Song More Catchy

Learn simple tips you can easily implement to make your songs more catchy and contagious.

The Exact Elements Hit Songwriters and A&R Execs look for in a song

Learn the tips that hit songwriters and industry professionals give for how to write a hit song. 

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Reagan Ramm

Reagan Ramm has been writing, recording, mixing, and living music since 2011, and graduated from Unity Gain Recording Institute in 2019. He's also a professional Digital Marketer and is striving help fellow musicians and producers not only create better music, but make an income while doing so. He lives in Southwest Florida with his wife and two children, Asher Phoenix and Ember Rose.

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