Discover How to Rapidly Finish Your Songs

Get a proven step-by-step plan for mixing and mastering your songs in record time so you can release more music, and build your fanbase faster. 

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What’s Inside the Checklist?

How To Prep Your Tracks

Learn how to organize your mix for maximum efficiency and speed. 

Mixing Order

Learn the order in which you should be mixing, including which instruments and effects you should start with, and progress to. 

Mastering Chain

Learn the best order of plugins for creating a professionally mastered song. 

About the Author

Reagan Ramm

Reagan Ramm has been writing, recording, mixing, and living music since 2011, and graduated from Unity Gain Recording Institute in 2019. He's also a professional Digital Marketer and is striving help fellow musicians and producers not only create better music, but make an income while doing so. He lives in Southwest Florida with his wife and two children, Asher Phoenix and Ember Rose.

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