Discover The Formula For Getting On Spotify Playlists

Learn how to explode your streams and your fanbase by getting your music on Spotify playlists

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What’s Inside the formula?

Learn about the 3 types of Spotify Playlists, and the 1 type you need to focus on in order to unlock all 3

There is only one type of Spotify playlist that you can directly influence getting your songs on, but get your music on enough of these, and you can unlock all 3 types of Spotify playlists.

The Simple Formula For How To Get On Playlists

If you have good music, then this formula will show you exactly, step-by-step, how to get your music on playlists

Discover how to find the RIGHT playlists to target for your music. 

Not all playlists are created equal. Save time by learning which playlists are the most likely to add your song, and use my included contact script to maximize your odds of getting added. 

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Reagan Ramm

Reagan Ramm has been writing, recording, mixing, and living music since 2011, and graduated from Unity Gain Recording Institute in 2019. He's also a professional Digital Marketer and is striving help fellow musicians and producers not only create better music, but make an income while doing so. He lives in Southwest Florida with his wife and two children, Asher Phoenix and Ember Rose.

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