Reagan Ramm

Entrepreneur, coach, digital marketer, writer, music producer

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Hello, nice to meet you!

Reagan Ramm

I started my first business with a friend in 2011 called Kingdom Pen, which is dedicated to helping young writers become better authors. In 2015, I joined the family business, Coastal Conservatory LLC, and helped grow a multi-million dollar revenue-generating team in direct sales. Then in 2021, I started my own business, Orpheus Audio Academy, where I help indie music artists produce pro-quality music from home and grow a fanbase online. I also produce music for artists as a freelance producer, and for my own band, Andromeda Coast.

My Skills

Here are some of the skills I have experience and proficiency in:

Content Creation & Graphic Design

I have created all kinds of content, from blog posts that rank on the first page of Google, to YouTube tutorials and Podcast interviews. 

I can also work as a ghostwriter, as I wrote nearly all of the articles for as a ghostwriter. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing was how I got my start in business, working with Mailchimp a decade and a half ago. I've written hundreds of marketing emails, from complex automated sequences to weekly newsletters. I've also ghostwritten many email campaigns as well. 

Funnel Creation

I've also created numerous funnels, including dozens of lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences, trip-wire offers, flagship digital courses, sales pages, and more. 

Music Production

I also compose, arrange, and produce music, both for my own band, and for clients. Here are a few examples: 

Audio Editing

I can also edit audio, and assemble audio to great an immersive audio drama experience.

Music Mixing

I'm also a professional mixing engineer, and can mix music.

My Core Values:

Abundant Love

I believe in giving "agape", the highest form of love, abundantly to others. Agape love is shown by what it does, not by feelings.

I believe in always striving to will the good of those in my life, no matter the cost.

“Love means will-to-good, willing the benefit of what or who is loved. We may say we love chocolate cake, but we don't. Rather, we want to eat it. That is desire, not love. In our culture we have a great problem distinguishing between love and desire, but it is essential that we do so.” - Dallas Willard

Reckless Courage

To me, reckless courage means to act rightly, even in the face of danger, difficulty, fear, pain, success, or failure. 

It means to do the right thing no matter the consequences, and this is how I strive to live.

Savage Honesty

Savage honesty to me means being honest, no matter the consequences. This doesn't mean not considering the feelings of others or being abrasive, but simply being authentic, real, and truthful, no matter the cost.

What My Clients & Followers Have Said:

"My early metrics were terrible. I only had about 32 likes [on my Facebook page] that were costing me around $10 each. I now have about 500 likes that I pay more than 10X less for. They've shown me how to create FB ads, blog posts, capture pages, FB lives, and do email follow-up."

Robert Duncan

Network Marketer

“Reagan is super knowledgeable and approachable, has helped me a lot in understanding the recording and release process from a wholistic perspective. There is so much more I have to apply to my creative process, and I can count on Orpheus Audio Academy for guidance and motivation.”

Ender Black

Home Music Producer

If not for Reagan, I would not have the business I have today which
provides me with multiple streams of revenue.

Reagan is the one who guided me through the process of developing and
creating my own brand and he is the one who did all the hard work
required to create the digital assets needed in order to make what I
have to offer visible to the world. He did just about everything for
me, and he challenged me in an encouraging and positive way to do things
and create things I didn't think I could.

Reagan did a masterful job of taking my ideas, breaking those ideas down
into actionable tasks, and then mapping those tasks to a plan and
process to implement them.

Reagan is the reason I have a web site. He did all the work involved in
establishing my own place on the internet, and performed the role of a
ghost writer to take all of my ideas and translate them into consumable
content in the form of blog articles. Reagan is a talented writer who
was able to translate my random, scattered, disjointed ideas into
articles that captured my voice and intent in an entertaining and
appropriately humorous way.

Reagan is also the one who did all the work to create all of my online
course offerings including all the integration between the teaching
platform and the various payment gateways. Also, it is because of him
that I have growing, monthly passive Ad income from by blog. It was his
idea and set all that up for me.

Reagan was also responsible for establishing and developing automation
for my email marketing system as well as writing the actual email
content for multiple email sequences for both leads and existing
customers. This is probably my most valuable asset for facilitating
customer acquisition and growing sales. Every week I get responses from
customers reacting to email content that Reagan wrote for me. Reagan
really excels at using stories to capture the readers attention and then
connecting the point of the story to a business-related call to action.

Reagan also did all the work involved with editing and producing the
video content for my YouTube channel.