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A place for recording musicians, music producers, and DIY songwriters to learn how to create professional-quality music, and build an artist career online so that they can become full-time artists.

Learn How To:

Write Better Songs

A successful music career all begins with the songwriting. Obviously, you have to be able to write good songs in order to build any kind of listenership. Here you can learn tips and tricks for how to write better songs

Produce Better Tracks

Next, you need to be able to take your song and make it commercially viable. This doesn't mean it needs to be or "sound" commercial, but that it needs to be high-quality. Of course, there really is no "right" or "wrong" way to produce a track, but here you can learn how to get the sound you want. 

Build A Bigger Fanbase

The old way of making an income from music is dead. We're in the midst of a new and growing music industry that revolves around the internet. Here you'll learn how to build a fanbase online, and how to actually make an income from your music, without having to tour. 

Reagan Ramm

Reagan Ramm is a professional audio engineer/producer/songwriter and creative digital marketer. He's founded multiple businesses and published 3 albums.

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My Music Story

Bad experiences in elementary school music classes and getting bullied during a private school class for learning the recorder made me want nothing to do with music.

Then I stumbled across a computer game called "Sim Tunes". 

Since I knew nothing about music, I just placed random colored dots across the screen (each representing different notes) and then watched as my instrument playing "bugs" made a horrible cacophony. I'm not sure how I was even able to tolerate the dissonance. 

But then one day, I heard something that sounded...well not "good", but harmonious. I had actually made music. Original music. On a computer in the basement. That blew my young mind, but it was still years before I did anything serious with music. 

It wasn't until my father began recording music with Digital Orchestrator Pro, and he showed me how you could play tuned "gun shot" noises on a midi keyboard that I got the crazy idea to start writing music. 

"Hey, it's just like Sim Tunes," I reasoned, "Only with more sounds and an actual keyboard." However, it was still a few years later before I actually started creating songs for real.

I got a midi keyboard and Cubase Elements for my 18th birthday in 2011 and I started recording music in earnest.

It was awful. Like, I didn't learn about quantization for a year or more and so none of my tracks were actually in time with each other. Yeah.

Then, in 2014, I recorded an album and had it mastered by my friend Levi Laubenthal (the artist behind the Ethereal Cinematic project NIGHT). I then published the album just as something to check off my "bucket list".

However, that week of all day, non-stop writing, recording, and mixing in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio infected me bad with the music bug, and I never recovered.

I dropped out of school at The Ohio State University where I was currently pursuing a BA in marketing at the Fisher College of Business, and decided to move half-way across the country to southwest Florida and join the family business. 

When I arrived, I discovered a school an hour away that taught audio engineering and music production. I enrolled immediately, and graduated a couple years later.

I've helped record music for more than a dozen bands, and have worked as an Arranger on multiple projects as well. 

Long story short, I'm the last person in the world who should be writing, recording, and producing music. I still don't know music theory or even how to play an instrument!

I've made every mistake in the book, and learned a lot over the years, and now I want to share with you what I've learned. 

Recognition & Awards

Accepted into the Fisher Direct honors program at the Fisher College of Business

- The Ohio State University

Audio Engineering Degree

- Unity Gain Recording Institute

Special Mention All Conference OCC in Football

- Dublin Coffman High

Proud Homeschool Grad

- Ramm Preparatory Academy

Two Time Semi-Finalist in the One Year Adventure Novel annual novel competition

- One Year Adventure Novel

First human to visit the Andromeda Galaxy

- My Imagination

My Projects & Endeavors 

Adventure Brand Academy

This is my brand for helping creatives and entrepreneurs grow their own online brands and businesses. 

Gentle Marketing

This is our family business that I'm a part of, started by my parents, all about helping network work marketers grow their business online the gentle and quiet way. 

Kingdom Pen

This started out as a small e-magazine for helping young fiction writers improve their art and craft, and it was created by the author Logan Ryles in early 2011. It later turned into a website that we co-founded together. He later turned the project over to me, and it's currently managed by my amazing sisters.  

Andromeda Coast

This is my Electronic Popwave band that my wife and I manage and write music for. 

Solar Dragons

This is the Etherial Cinematic Chill music project that my wife and I also create music under. 

"Bleed" The Novel

My wife, Haley, and I are currently working on a Cyberpunk/Space Opera novel called "Bleed". It's kinda like The Matrix, The Hunger Games, and Star Wars all rolled up into one story. 

My Personal Story

I grew up in Dublin, Ohio, but now live in a small "census-designated place" near Fort Myers, Florida with my incredible wife, Haley, and my three children Asher, Ember, and Halo. I'm incredibly fortunate in that I get to work from home, and don't have to leave my family in order to make a living. 

I met my wife online through the above mentioned website I ran called Kingdom Pen, and we grew to know each other better through leaving comments on each other's blogs, and talking about books and writing on a forum for students of the One Year Adventure Novel homeschool curriculum. 

We have a pretty crazy story, so we actually made a video about how we ended up getting married here (hint, we didn't go on our first date until AFTER we were married!)

I'm a disciple of the one true God, and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life's purpose is glorify God and enjoy Him forever. I can't wait to live with Him on the New Earth and visit all of the planets in our solar system, and explore the far reaches of space for all eternity! 

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