The Internet can become very noisy and overwhelming when it comes to learning music production.
All these resources are the ones I use myself and/or believe will help you to become a better music producer!

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🎧 Recommended Studio Gear

What studio gear do you actually need, and which is the best? Below you can find my top recommendations for beginner producers, as well as my video which explains in more detail about what equipment you absolutely NEED when starting out, and what you can ignore. 

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Logic Pro X - Best Digital Audio Workstation For Mac

Logic is my favorite DAW, and I've used Cubase, Digital Performer, and even a little bit of Ableton. Logic Pro comes with great built-in stock plugins, sounds, and an intuitive workflow. It's also one of the most affordable DAWs, and you get frequent updates without having to buy a new version (again, unlike other DAWs). 

Cubase - Best Digital Audio Workstation For PC

Cubase is where I got my start in music production, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It's very easy to use and has a lot of great built in tools and abilities. I still only have Cubase 7.5, so I'm a bit behind. If you have a PC though, I know this is a great tool to get started with. 

macbook pro

MacBook Pro - Best Music Production Computer

I got tired of all my PCs breaking on me, so I switched to Mac in 2016, and haven't gone back I still have my first iMac computer (a 2015), and it still works amazing! However, in 2022, I upgraded to a 16-inch 2021 Macbook Pro with an M1 Pro chip and 16GB of memory and 1 TB of storage. 

Your computer is one of your most important pieces of studio gear. Buy the most powerful machine you can within your budget. This means as much CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive space as possible. Get a Mac if you plan on using Logic for your software. I’ve
found that the MacBook pros are now more powerful than the iMacs, although if you don't plan on being mobile, then a Mac Mini gives you the most bang for your buck. You’ll just have to buy a monitor for it.

What to look for:

  • CPU - Shoot for 7000+ CPU mark score. Use to check.
  • RAM - At least 16GB. More is better.
  • Hard Drive - At least 500GB SSD (solid state drive).

Sennheiser HD600 - Best Mixing & Mastering Headphones

A masterpiece of neutrality. Excellent for mixing and mastering. An industry standard, and the headphones I rely on daily.

How to Mix & Master On These Headphones.

apple airpods

Apple AirPods - Best Earbuds

If you're looking for a pair of wireless earbuds, you can't go wrong with Apple's AirPods.

focusrite 2i2

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Best Beginner Audio Interface

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface is a solid choice for those looking for a high-quality, affordable option for recording and producing music. It offers the high-quality pre amps you need to get started recording pro audio. The sound quality is excellent and it's also very portable, making it easy to take on the go.

iRig Pro Duo

IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo - Best Portable Audio Interface

If you're looking for a more portable audio interface option for when you're on the go, or you just have limited desk space, the iRig Pro Duo is a great choice, and it's actually the audio interface that I currently own and use daily. 

No only is it compact, and include lightning as well as USB-C and USB-A cables (so you can plug right into a Macbook Pro), but it can also run off of 2 AA batteries (included) if you need it to. 

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - Best MIDI Keyboard

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best studio monitors for small rooms and beginners

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors - Best Beginner & Portable Studio Monitors

These monitors were MADE for less than ideal listening environments. So if you can't afford to acoustically treat your room, get these. They may look small, but they are powerful!

If you’re working in a typical-sized room in the home, 5-inch monitors will work perfectly. Any bigger is overkill and more likely to cause problems like low-end frequency buildup. Many beginner producers end up getting monitors that are too big. 

Which is why the iLoud Micro Monitors are a great option for those getting started, and they're the monitors I still use to this day! (Listening to The Killers right now through them while writing this). 

The iLoud Micro Monitors are the smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world, and they provide you with ultra-accurate true linear frequency response with no coloration, and does so in EVERY listening environment, especially in home and project studios. 

best monitor stands

JamStands - Best Monitor Stands

For best monitoring, it's important to isolate your speakers from your desk's surface. If you don't have any foam (and you don't want to use books), you can get some monitor stands. 

Best beginner microphone for vocals

Maono PM500 - Best Beginner Microphone

Looking for a great microphone for recording vocals, voiceovers, and more that won't break the bank? Well look no further than Maono's AU-PM500T large diaphragm condenser microphone.

Not only is this a great-sounding and well-built mic, but it also comes with all of the accessories you need (desktop mic stand, shock mount, pop-filter, XLR cable) so you don't need to buy these separately!

This is my go-to mic for recording vocals, and it's what I use in most of my YouTube videos.

Seagate - Best External HDD for Storage

You're going to want a back-up drive for your computer in case something happens to your internal hard drive (don't lose everything!). Additionally, you'll run into system overload errors less if you save all of your DAW projects on an external drive like this. 

All you really want on your computer's internal hard drive is your software (plugins and the the like). Soundbanks and song projects can be saved on an external drive, and the ones I use are this one by Seagate. 

best mouse for music production

Logitech Signature M650 - Best Mouse

Logitech Signature M650 L Wireless Mouse – 2-Year Battery, Silent Clicks, Customizable Side Buttons, Bluetooth.

best affordable headphone stand

New bee Headphone Stand - Best Headphone Stand

New bee Headphone Stand | Solid Base For All Headphones Size

best affordable mic stand

GLEAM Microphone Stand - Best Mic Stand

GLEAM Microphone Stand – Tripod Boom Mic Stand with Carrying Bag and Screw Adapter.

Rode PSA1 - Best Mic Boom Arm

This is the mic stand I use, and I like it because I'm able to keep it always set up as it attaches to the back of my desk. Since I also create content for YouTube and social media, this also is a great option. 

Recommended Music Production Resources (Plugins, Samples, and More!)

waves audio logo


The first plugins I ever bought was the Waves Gold Bundle. Waves Audio is an industry standard, and my mentor is even a tester for them. You can't go wrong here. 

ujam discount

Ujam (20% Discount)

Ujam is one of my favorite plugin companies, as they speed up your workflow so much and provide amazing tools to help you create the sound you're looking for fast. I especially love their BeatMaker tools, and use Ujam in just about every song I create. 

You can also get 20% off all Ujam products when you use my code "OAA-20" at checkout.

baby audio discount

Baby Audio (10% Discount)

Baby Audio is another amazing plugin company that makes innovative tools for the computer musician/producer, not audio engineers. This means their tools are intuitive, easy-to-use, but also sound amazing. I find myself using at least one (if not more) Baby Audio plugin in all of my projects. 

You can also get 10% off all Baby Audio products when you use my code "OAA" at checkout.


iZotope is another company that I've loved for many years. They create very futuristic plugins that are always on the cutting edge of music production technology. If you want get into producing with AI, and speeding up your workflow, then definitely check out their tools. 

iZotope's RX is a tool that I especially feel like I can't live without, as it helps you to easily and transparently clean up problems in audio (noise, plosives, pops, clips, clipping, breaths, etc.). 


If you're looking for some great samples and an AI mastering tool, then look no further than Landr.


IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 - Best Vintage Synth Collection

If you're looking for vintage analog synth emulations from the 70s and 80s, then Syntronik 2 is for you. It's a synth collection that I find myself using in just about every project. 

free 80s synthwave synth

Serum - Best "Desert Island" Wavetable Synth

If you're looking for more modern synth sounds and capabilities, then the industry standard is Serum. 

best serum preset packs

Synth Ctrl - Best Serum Preset Packs (20% Discount)

My friend, Daniel, with Synth Ctrl makes the best Serum preset packs on the market. So if you're creating a specific genre of electronic music, but you're having a hard time finding the right synth sounds, Synth Ctrl probably has them. 

His packs cover Synthwave, Electro Pop, Lo-fi, Future Bass, Vaporwave, Bedroom Pop, Cyberpunk, Dream Pop, and many more electronic genres!

Plus, you can get 20% off all Synth Ctrl preset packs when you use my code "OAA20" at checkout.

Lalals - Best AI Singer

What if you could add ANY famous singer to your own songs? Well, now you can with the AI singer, Lalals. An AI singer is a tool that uses AI to transform voice or text into the voice of someone else. For example, with Lalals, you can turn your voice into that of Drake, Ed Sheeran, Madonna, and over 1,000 others!

💿 Recommended Resources For Releasing Your Music

DistroKid - Best Music Distributor 

I've been using DistroKid for years, and it's the best music distributor in my opinion. If you want to get your music on streaming platforms (like Spotify) and online stories fast and affordably, then DistroKid is for you.

🤑 Recommended Resources For Promoting Your Music

[FREE] 3-Day Email Challenge - Discover How To Grow Your Email List From 0 To 100 Fans In Just 3 Days

In this course you'll discover:

  • How to quickly and effectively start growing your email list as a musician
  • Best email autoresponder tool for musicians (and it's free)
  • How to get your current email list subscribers to promote your email list for you
  • And more!

StreetTeam - Best All-In-One CRM/Marketing Platform For Musician

Wow, where do I start? StreetTeam is a tool you NEED if you're serious about building a full-time income from your music. It's an all-in-one platform, and it gives you: 

  • A website
  • Email list
  • Texting list
  • Sales funnels
  • Social media scheduler
  • Memberships (like Patreon, but you keep 100% of the earnings)
  • and more!

This tool is everything you need to build a business around your music and generate sales while you sleep. 

ConvertKit - Best Email Alternative To StreetTeam For Musicians

StreetTeam is the best tool for email marketing and more for musicians (see above), but if you're not ready for that or just can't afford it right now, then ConvertKit is the next best choice. 

If you're wanting to build an online fanbase, then you NEED an email list. Email is still THE BEST way to market your music (or any kind of business) online. I've used a lot of different email newsletter software, and nothing beats ConvertKit. It was specifically designed with creators in mind. You can get it for free by clicking below.

🎓 Recommended Courses & Trainings

[FREE] Fanbase Growth Workshop - Best Training On How To Grow Fanbase & Make A Living From Your Music

This FREE workshop is AMAZING! You'll learn the 3 simple steps to explose your fanbase and make a profit from your music. Yes! Anyone with good music can make a solid income from their music. 

Radio Ready Record - Best Course For Learning How To Write, Record, Produce, and Mix Pro-Quality Music From Home With Budget Equipment

Write & Produce Pro-Quality Songs from your Home Studio or Bedroom with just your Laptop... using only free or stock plugins. Finally have the CONFIDENCE and repeatable SYSTEM to consistently FINISH MORE MUSIC!

Synthwave Mastery - Best Course For Learning Synthwave Production

Discover the step-by-step system that takes you from beginner to Synthwave Master in record time (no pun intended).

SoundGym - Best Email Alternative To StreetTeam For Musicians (20% Discount)

A gym for your ears. With a 5 minute regular workout made of 5 games, Soundgym allows you to improve your mixing skills, in a fun way!

Use my link below to get a 20% discount!

Syntorial - Best Training For Learning Synthesis

If you want to get better at sound design and synthesis, then Syntorial is for you, as it teaches you how to create synth sounds.

📚 Books

Making Music - By Dennis DeSantis

74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers

Atomic Habits - by James Clear

The only book you need about productivity and habits

Modern Recording Techniques - by David Miles Huber

This was my textbook in college! 

Make Radio-Ready Songs, Fast!