Welcome To The Challenge!

You'll be receiving an email shortly with instructions, but for now, a good first step is go ahead and sign-up for an email service provider, like ConvertKit, if you haven't already.

All you need to get started is the FREE plan.

That's right, you can get started with ConvertKit completely for free. 

Here's a video on how to get started.

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Also, if you do end up signing up through my affiliate link (clicking the button or going to OrpheusAudioAcademy.com/ConvertKit), you can simply email me to let me know, and then I'll send you some of my email templates that I use to follow-up with my initial subscribers. 

Again, all you need is the free plan to get started, although if you want to be able to send automatic email sequences, then you can get started with ConvertKit's "Creator" plan for just $9 a month. 

Extra Help

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