Looking to get started with making sweet music from home, but you don't know where to start, or what gear you need?

Stick around, because here you'll get a simple list of all the necessary items you need to get started making great music from home. 

In order to get started recording quality music from home, you need 7 things: A computer, an audio interface, a microphone, recording software, headphones, a mic stand, and a pop filter. Below I'll share how you can get all of these for under $350. 

Seven items might sound like a lot, but you can get them all for under $350. Keep reading to see how...

Cheapest Home Recording Studio Setup

This is the cheapest, quality, home recording studio set-up you can find. Some items might be interchangeable with others, but I did my best to find the best quality tool at the lowest possible price for each of the 7 pieces of equipment that you'll need to get started. 

With that said, let's dive in...

A Computer

If you want to record music from home, then you need a computer. Good news is you probably already have one that will work!

So long as your computer isn't the one pictured above, it's probably good enough to get started with music production.

So don't worry about going out and buying a new computer. Just use what you have. 

I made my entire first album on an HP laptop. However, I got frustrated with my HP laptops dying every couple years inexplicably, so I eventually switched to an iMac in 2016, and I'm still using the same computer. 

minimum computer requirements for music production

That said, what are the minimum computer requirements for music production?

  • At least 2.2GHz i5 quad-core processor
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • 64-bit operating system
  • At least 256GB of internal storage (HDD or SSD)
  • At least a 15-inch Screen

For comparison, the specs of my computer are:

  • 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 64-bit operating system
  • Originally a 1 TB HDD drive, but I swapped it out for a 900 GB SSD
  • 27 Inch Screen

In summary, what you already have is probably good enough. 


Audio Interface

iRig Pro Duo

Next, and arguably even more important than your mic, is your audio interface. If you're recording through a great mic into a poor interface, the recording is going to be poor. 

That's why the biggest investment I recommend in creating your first studio, is a quality audio interface, and the iRig Pro Duo by IK Multimedia is that interface. 


  • 2 XLR / ¼” combo guitar, mic & line inputs
  • Class-A preamps with improved gain range and phantom power
  • 2 balanced 1/4” outputs


Condenser Microphone

MXL 770

The MXL 770 condenser microphone continues to amaze recording artists all over the world with its incredible performance. The 770 is praised for its solid bass, as well as its upfront high-end. The MXL 770 even uses a high quality FET preamp with balanced output for a wide dynamic range.


  • Excellent for vocals, pianos, stringed instruments, and percussion
  • Balanced bass response with high end clarity
  • Low frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumble


Recording Software (Digital Audio Workstation)

Garageband or Cubase LE

You don't need fancy recording software to get started creating music. I got started myself with Cubase LE when I had a Windows computer. 

If you have a Mac, you can just use Garageband! 



Tascam TH-02 Recording Studio Headphones review

Tascam TH-02 Recording Studio Headphones

The Tascam TH-02 are decent-sounding critical listening headphones. Obviously, for $20, you're not going to get the best studio headphones, but these are the best you can get at this price. 


  • Decent audio reproduction
  • Low leakage


  • Mediocre build quality
  • Bass delivery can vary across users.


Mic Stand & Pop Filter

Microphone Stand & Pop Filter Bundle

Finally, you're going to need something stable to hold your mic while you're recording, and you'll want a pop filter to reduce plosives (hard "P" and "B" sounds) if you're planning on recording vocals. 

I used to use a standard mic stand for recording my vocals, but I've found it's so much easier and more efficient to use a mic boom arm that just attaches to my desk. 

This might not be the case for you, but since I use my recording space as an office space as well, it's not convenient for me to leave a mic stand up that can easily be knocked over. 

Instead, I use a boom arm that I can easy swivel over any time I want lay down some vocals quickly. 

You can get a the bundle pictured above with a boom arm and pop filter by clicking the button below. 


So What Is The Total Cost?

Only $325!

Total Cost








Focusrite Scarlett



MXL 990 Condenser Mic






Audio Technica ATH-M20x

Mic Stand & Pop Filter


Boom Arm & Pop Filter




Getting started with your home studio doesn't have to be expensive or complicated!

What's more important than your gear is how you use it, which is what Orpheus Audio Academy is all about teaching you. 

If you want to learn how to make better mixes faster no matter what gear you have, then grab my free rapid mixing checklist below. 

Rapid Song-Finishing Checklist 2.0

Create Better Songs, Faster

Click below to download my free song-finishing checklist to help you create radio-ready songs without taking months to complete them.

This will be especially beneficial if you've ever been unsure about where to start, or where to go next with your mixing process. 

If you've ever mixed a song for hours on end, but been frustrated because you're not sure that it sounds any better...and may even sound worse...

Then definitely grab this checklist.

I hope you got value from this post on, How To Build A Home Studio For Under $350.

If so, feel free to share, and let me know in the comments below... 

What Questions Do You Have About Recording?

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