If you're serious about building your tribe, then you probably already know you need to build up your Artist's/Band's Facebook Fan Page.

But that's easier said than done…

Where do you start? How do you go about building a powerful band facebook fan page

Well, there are really only two steps. 

Sure, there are a lot of other strategies and tactics you'll want to employ (and I'll get to those in future blog posts), but all of these tactics take into account these foundational two steps.

1. Know Your Audience

In today's day-and-age of music, if you want to be successful, artists and bands have to think of themselves as a business, as entrepreneurs.

A lot of artists object to this idea.

“I just want to make music,” they will say, and that's fine. If that's you, you can do that, but just be prepared to have no one listen to your music, or to pay someone (or several someones) big money to handle the business side for you.

Sure, you could get lucky and sign a major record deal, but I would argue there is another route that gives you much better odds, and is arguably more favorable for you, the artist.

This is the route of considering yourself an entrepreneur, and your music is your product (or at least one of your products).

In order to sell your product (your music) you have to know what kind of customer would be interested in it.

For example, middle-aged men are probably going to be unlikely to buy barbie dolls.

You need to dive into what style of music you are creating, and what kind of person would be interested in that music. 

You need to really know your audience, and what it is they like and dislike.

Then, you want to post content on your fan page that appeals to your target audience.

If people that like your style of music also like motorcycles, then post content on your fan page about motorcycles.

You do NOT want everything you post to be about your music, or asking people to buy your music.

If you do, it makes you look like this:

One of the best ways to learn about your audience is through Facebook's built in “Audience Insights”. All you have to do to access this is create a Facebook Ad account (it's free).

With Audience Insights, you can put in a band that is similar to you, and then Facebook will tell you a TON of information about the people who like that band.

2. Provide Value

Instead of asking (begging?) for people to buy your music, instead you want to provide value.

You need to give people a reason (besides your music) to like your page, and stick around.

And you do this by posting things they like.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but…

Your fan page is not about you, or your band. It's about your fans.

[ctt template=”7″ link=”S0tQi” via=”yes” ]Your fan page is not about you, or your band. It's about your fans. [/ctt]

You and your page exist to serve them. Give them what they want, provide them with a ton of value, and they will grow to better know, like, and trust you.

This will make them much more likely to buy your music.

So When Do You Promote Your Music?

If you grow to understand your audience extremely well, and you post content they like, they are going to like your page, and they are going to interact more with your content. They will like, share, and comment more, which is vital.

This is because Facebook doesn't actually show everything you post to everyone who likes your page. It will only show your content to a very small percentage.

However, if someone “engages” with a post (like, share, comment), then not only is Facebook going to show more of your posts to this person in the future, but it will show the post to more of those people who liked your page.

On top of those, when people engage with your posts, Facebook will show their engagements with their friends. And if their friends happen to have similar tastes (which is likely) they may also like your page.

So what you want is engagement, the more engagement, the bigger your page is going to grow, and you get engagement by posting stuff that appeals to a specific audience.

And then, every 4 or 5 posts or so, you can post something about you, or your band.

But you still don't want to post a link to your bandcamp page asking people to buy.

Instead, post about a new song your working on, or something personal they may find interesting.

Again, it all goes back to your audience, and what they would want.

It's about THEM, not you.

People Don't Go On Facebook To Buy

Here's the reality. People don't go on Facebook to shop. They go on Facebook for entertainment, and to be social.

So you want to entertain and be social.

Entertainment and socializing are what are valuable to your audience.

Of course, if they like your page, and you are doing your targeting right, then they also should be interested in your music!

So you do want to mix in your music, for sure, but keep it free. Soundcloud links for example.

Your ultimate goal is to get people off of Facebook, and into an email list.

If you don't know what an email list is, it's simple a list of emails interested people have voluntarily given to you.

Once you have people in your email list, you can market your music to them much more effectively (more on this in future posts).

Panning For Gold

How do you get people on your email list? The best way is to give something valuable away in exchange for an email.

The easiest way to do this is to give away a song (or several songs) for free…if they give you their email address.

Every person who joins your email list in exchange for your free song(s) is like gold. 


Because each and everyone of those people have raised their hand and said, “I like your music so much I'm willing to trade you something for it.”

These are the people who are going to be the most likely to buy from you, and they have all given you their emails, and permission to market your music to them.

How cool is that?

Of course, you still want to provide them with value. You don't want to spam them with pleas for money. You want to build a relationship with them, but you also will be able to get a lot more sales from your email list (and I'll talk more about this in future posts).

Build Your Band Facebook Fan Page With These Two Keys

But remember, this all starts with you discovering the people who are most likely to be interested in your music, finding out what they like, and then providing them with what they like.

Know your audience, and provide them value. Focus on those two things, and you're well on your way toward building your band fan page on Facebook.

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to building your tribe? Let me know in the comments below!

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