How do you learn sound design, and what does it take to become a sound design master?

I discuss all of this, and much more, with Daniel of Synth Ctrl.

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Synthwave Sound Design Secrets


0:00 - Intro

1:00 - Who is Daniel and Synth Ctrl

4:48 - How to get started with sound design

10:19 - How to speed up learning

11:07 - Create an analog sound in a digital synth

13:43 - Is it worth it to learn sound design?15:38 - How to create synthwave sounds

19:44 - Ninja sound design tips

22:44 - Synthwave mixing tips

25:08 - How to make your own preset packs

27:29 - Universal sound design tips

30:50 - How to get sound design jobs

35:26 - How to make a living as a musician

41:14 - Synthwave mastering tips

42:49 - The future of Synth Ctrl 


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Reagan Ramm

Hi! I'm Reagan, and I've been writing, recording, and mixing music since 2011, and got a degree in audio engineering in 2019 from Unity Gain Recording Institute. I also work full-time in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and am striving to help fellow musicians and producers improve their art and make a living doing the work they love.

- Reagan Ramm


sound design, Synthwave

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