A.I. just might be to the 2020s what the internet was to the 1990s.

With that in mind, how do you use A.I. to help you power-up your songwriting? 

Lasha, from ApartmentRecording.com, wrote the following article covering this exact topic. 

We are just scratching the surface of artificial intelligence's capabilities, but right now, you can use A.I. to help you write a song.

Songwriters can use AI to write lyrics, create chord progression and melody ideas, or even generate the actual music and instrumentation. However, the best way to use AI for songwriting is to think of it as a collaborator.

Lasha breaks this all down in more detail later on in this article, so let's dive in.

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How To Write A Song With AI

Songwriting is a creative process, where a songwriter needs to put their thoughts, emotions, and experiences into a melody and lyrics. However, the process of songwriting can be challenging, and it takes time, energy, and focus.

In recent years, with the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), the songwriting process has become more accessible, streamlined, and efficient.

You can easily create songs from scratch with the help of numerous AI tools. And not only you can create melodies, but chord progressions, lyrics, and more.

Of course, creating an original song with AI is kind of cheating and you should not create everything with AI.

It’s better to use AI as a helper tool that will give you ideas and then you should use your creativity.

In this post, you will learn how you can use AI to your advantage and come up with great ideas to create
an original song.

Choose AI Music Platforms

The first step in writing a song with AI is to choose the right platforms that suits your needs and goals.

There are several AI music platforms and tools available in the market such as chord progression generators, melody makers, lyrics generators, etc.

You can make AI do everything for you and it will generate melodies, chord progression, tempo changes, melody mood, and even lyrics.

So, you need to find tools that generate chords, lyrics, and perhaps melodies or beats.

One of the best and most free tools is ChatGPT which can generate lyrics and chords very easily. You just tell it what you want and it will create it in seconds.

Then you can take that idea and add your creativity or expand it with another AI tool.

You are free to do anything.

But it’s better to use them for ideas and as a helper tool because these tools are the best for that.

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Click below to download my free Hit Creation checklist which demystifies the songwriting process and boils down the techniques hit songwriters use into a simple 9-step formula. 

Define Your Songwriting Goals

Once you have chosen the right AI music platform, the next step is to define your songwriting goals.

Do you want to create a melody or lyrics for your song, or do you want the AI to generate a chord progression or a beat?

Defining your songwriting goals will help you to focus on the right tools and features available on the AI music platform.

Of course, AI can do almost anything in seconds, but the main idea must come from you. You must tell it what you want and it will do it.

So, it’s important to have an idea of what your song should like and sound like and also, what you want to do first - chords, melody, or lyrics.

This way you will create songs quicker and it will be easier to record in your home recording studio.

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Come Up with Melody and Chord Progression Ideas

One of the most challenging aspects of songwriting is coming up with the right melody and chord progression.

So, I suggest you start with chords and melodies and add lyrics afterward.

But if your songwriting process is different, you can start with lyrics.
With AI music platforms, generating a melody and chord progression has become easier and more accessible.

Most AI music platforms offer an intuitive interface where you can experiment with different melodies and chord progressions by adjusting the key, tempo, and instrumentation.

You can also use the AI music platform to generate a melody and chord progression based on your preferred genre, mood, and style.

So, depending on what you want to do, choose the right tool and start experimenting.

Create a starting point, tweak it, and then add your own ideas.

Use AI to Generate Lyrics

After you will have a scratch song with melodies and chord progressions, it’s time to use AI to write lyrics.

Crafting the perfect lyrics for a song can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with AI music platforms, you can generate lyrics based on your preferences and songwriting goals.

Most AI music platforms use machine learning algorithms to analyze the lyrics of existing songs and generate new lyrics based on the patterns and structures found in those songs.

And there are many tools that can do that like Masterpiece Generator or These Lyrics Do Not Exist.

But ChatGPT probably is the best AI tool to generate lyrics. You can tell it what type of lyrics you want, what it should be about, and so on.

Also, if you have a piece of lyrics written already, you can tell it to expand and complete your lyrics.

Collaborate with AI

write a song with a.i.

AI music platforms offer a great opportunity to collaborate with AI in the songwriting process.

You can use the AI music platform to generate a melody, chord progression, or lyrics and then tweak them to your liking.

You can also use the AI music platform to create a song structure and then add your own instruments and vocals.

And that’s the most important power of AI to help you to write a song. You don’t need AI to write a complete song for you. You just need it to help you and give you ideas.

Of course, you can create completely AI written tracks and use them for Youtube videos or for your projects.

But if you want to create songs to publish on streaming services, you must write them. Just use AI as a guide and idea generator.


AI music platforms will revolutionize our lives and this includes music too. With AI tools we can do many things faster and song creation is one of them.

These tools allow you to come up with song ideas,
generate lyrics, chord progressions, and many other things.

Just choose the right tools and use them correctly.

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Click below to download my free Hit Creation checklist which demystifies the songwriting process and boils down the techniques hit songwriters use into a simple 9-step formula. 

Big thank you to Lasha of ApartmentRecording.com for writing this article!

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