Looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves synthwave music? 

I got you covered with this list of 38 different gift ideas for synthwave lovers. 

Synthwave Music Gift Ideas

Of course we have to start with music when it comes to synthwave gift ideas. 

Since music is so ubiquitous these days with streaming services, we don't want to just buy our synthwave lover a CD or a digital album. 

We want to capture the authentic synthwave listening experience, and that is done through either vinyl or cassette tape.

Here are a couple of great synthwave vinyl or cassette tape gift ideas:

Monsters Vinyl by The Midnight

monsters vinyl the midnight

This is a fantastic album by The Midnight, one of the best synthwave bands. 

This album is unique in that it combines many modern production techniques (trap beats, vocal manipulation) with that classic synthwave vibe to create a truly unique work of art.

Real Thing / Action & Romance Vinyl by LeBrock

LeBrock is another great synthwave band, and this vinyl album includes some of their best songs. 

Gunship Vinyl or Cassette Tape

Gunship is a fantastic synthwave artist with one of the biggest synthwave hits to their name in their song "Tech Noir". 

Here you can get Gunship on either vinyl or cassette tape. 

Synthwave Apparel Gift Ideas

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Synthwave Clothing

Sunset Cassette Tape Hoodie

Cyberpunk Outrun T-shirt

Outrun Synthwave T-shirt

Vaporwave T-shirt

Synthwave Text T-Shirt

Military Bomber Jacket

Palm Tree Glitch Baseball Hat

Palm Tree Trucker Hat

Synthwave White Sun Baseball Hat

Retro Clothing

Retro Sci-Fi Star Wars T-Shirt

Retro Yoda T-Shirt

Retro Super Mario Bros. T-Shirt

Retro Media T-Shirt

Retro Atari T-Shirt

Retro Reagan Bush '84 T-Shirt

Remember the days of one of America's most popular presidents; the killer of the USSR, and look stylin' while doing so.

Stranger Things Clothing

Strange Things Happen Here T-Shirt

Stranger Things Alphabet Lights T-Shirt

You can really get in that festive Christmas spirit with this shirt. 

Hawkins AV Club Hoodie

Stranger Things The Babysitter T-Shirt

Stranger Things Coffee & Contemplation Hopper T-Shirt

Stranger Things Coffee & Contemplation Script T-Shirt

Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy T-Shirt

Stranger Things Scoops Troop T-Shirt

Synthwave Art Gift Ideas

Neon Delorean Canvas Art Poster

Synthwave Canvas Wall Art

Synthwave 80s Palm Sunset Poster

Synthwave Accessories Gift Ideas

Vaporwave Laptop Stickers

Retro Mirrored Sunglasses

Distorted Bust Vaporwave Mouse Pad

LED Light Strips

Cyclops Cyberpunk Visor Sunglasses

Synthwave Retrowave Glitch Area Rug

Gift Ideas For Those Who Make Synthwave Music

Super VHS

A ‘lofi flavor’ beast.

Synthwave stems the sounds of the 80s: slightly out-of-tune synths, warm tape saturation, gritty samples and grainy reverbs. So Baby Audio set out on a mission to capture the lofi spirit of the 80s — and bring it into a new decade.

Meet a complex algorithm with eight simple knobs. It's called ‘Super’ for its powers and ‘VHS’ for its sound.

Beatmaker VICE

Retro Futurism.

What are the sounds that come to your mind when you think of the 1980s? Cheesy pop music? Big synths, punchy digital drums and lots of gated reverb? Exactly. Those style elements have been re-discovered by contemporary producers and in genres like synthwave. VICE comes with everything you need to create drum tracks for anything from authentic ’80s to synthwave.

Syntronik 2

This is the ultimate vintage synthesizer package, perfect for creating synthwave music, as it comes with 22 synths, over 4,000 presets, and built-in effects to create authentic 80s-style music. 

Bonus! - Free Synthwave Drum Samples

One final gift that a synthwave creator would love are these free synthwave drum samples. 

These are authentic drum sounds that fit perfectly in synthwave music, which you can download for free by clicking the button below. 

Free Synthwave Sample Pack

Just click the button below to download 191 synthwave drum and FX samples, and much more!

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Hi! I'm Reagan, and I've been writing, recording, and mixing music since 2011, and got a degree in audio engineering in 2019 from Unity Gain Recording Institute. I also work full-time in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and am striving to help fellow musicians and producers improve their art and make a living doing the work they love.

- Reagan Ramm


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